When you send a product to your client, in that package you can add a card, card, flyer, brochure or similar document in which, in addition to the necessary information, you can add a QR so that they can access your WhatsApp for support.

Some ideas and tips for that message with a QR to your WhatsApp

Adding a message with a QR for WhatsApp to your shipments can be an excellent way to facilitate communication with your customers and provide them with a direct channel to contact you. Here are some tips, ideas and best practices:

Clear and striking design

Make sure the message and QR are easily visible on the package. Use contrasting colors and a clear design to make it stand out. For the design we recommend that you use the free Wepik editor. com. This editor will allow you to create an attractive design for your business.

You can use this design directly online.

Clear instructions

It includes simple instructions on how to scan the QR and what to expect when doing so. For example, you could write “Scan this QR code with your phone to chat with us on WhatsApp.” Offer an incentive: You can encourage customers to scan the code by offering them an exclusive discount, access to special promotions, or some relevant content.

Customizing the welcome message

If possible, personalize the WhatsApp message so that the customer feels cared for individually. For example, you can greet the customer by name and offer help with their order. With WhatsApp Business you can automate the welcome message and an away message.

Automated quick response with WhatsApp Business

Make sure someone is available to quickly respond to WhatsApp messages you receive via QR. Prompt response can make a difference in the customer experience. As we have mentioned before, if you use WhatsApp Business you can ensure that all your clients will receive a welcome message. In this article we explain it in detail.

Integration with your customer service system

If you have a customer service system, ensure that WhatsApp messages are integrated with it to ensure proper follow-up of customer queries and issues. Our application allows you to integrate WhatsApp with HubSpot, Odoo, Zoho and SalesForce.

Tracking and analysis: Use tools to track how many people scan the QR and how many of those interactions convert into meaningful conversations or sales. This will help you evaluate the effectiveness of this strategy.

Test and continually improve: Experiment with different designs, messages, and offers to see what works best with your audience. Through testing and continuous improvement, you will be able to optimize your shipments with QR messages for WhatsApp.

You have all these tips within your Tochat.be account where with your subscription of €50 per year you can manage your WhatsApp professionally.

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