Tips for whatsapp for sales teams

Some tips for using WhatsApp as a seller:

Use a professional profile: Make sure your WhatsApp profile has a photo and a name that reflect your business or brand.

Create a mailing list: Use the mailing list feature to send messages to multiple customers at once. Make sure the message is personalized for each client.

Keep in touch: Maintain constant communication with your customers through WhatsApp, but without being invasive. Send messages from time to time to keep them updated on your products or services.

Be quick to respond: Try to respond to your customers’ messages as quickly as possible. If you can’t reply right away, at least send a message saying you’re busy and will reply later.

Be friendly and professional: Keep a friendly and professional tone in your WhatsApp messages. Make sure your messages are clear and concise.

Use emojis and multimedia: Emojis and multimedia files (such as photos and videos) can help you communicate more effectively with your customers.

Use voice messages: If you have a lot to say, use the voice messages feature. This can be more effective than sending a long text message.

Use the location function: If you have a physical business, use the location function to send the location of your business to your customers.

Offer exclusive promotions and discounts: Offer exclusive promotions and discounts to your customers through WhatsApp. This can be a good way to build customer loyalty.

Respect the privacy of your customers: Respect the privacy of your customers and do not send them unsolicited messages or spam. Make sure your customers have opted in to receive messages from your business.

Steps to optimize your sales with WhatsApp
Selling with WhatsApp is essential for many companies and freelancers. The process is simple and the great advantage that WhatsApp offers us is that everyone knows how to use it and everyone is very aware of it.

How to double your sales?
To optimize the sales process we have to define our conversion funnel and be able to systematically improve at each stage. In a sales funnel with 5 or 6 stages, to double the number of sales, we need each stage to improve by 10%. To double sales you don’t need to double the number of leads or double the amount of investment. You need at each stage of the sales process to improve a little.

Top of the funnel. All to your WhatsApp.
In the world of WhatsApp, the “top of the funnel” is very similar to that of any other process. Clients will discover us through Google My Business, Instagram, Twitter, our website… What is essential in all these cases? Easily share our link to WhatsApp.

The link to WhatsApp is a very simple tool that should allow us to be present and for users to contact us via WhatsApp before calling or writing an email. This is essential because most of our customers are on mobile and they will want WhatsApp to be the main form of contact.

In these articles you will be able to see how to share your link to WhatsApp in different social networks:

Share your WhatsApp on TikTok
Share your WhatsApp on Twitter
Share your WhatsApp on LinkTree
Share your WhatsApp on Instagram
Share your WhatsApp on Google My Business
leads generated
When the user contacts you and in order not to lose the interest of the potential client, it is very important that we use Google My Business. With Google My Business you will be able to offer an automated welcome message and an absence message.

In this post you have templates for both cases to make it easier to generate that first message for your activity. We have made templates for training, cosmetics and beauty, financial advice, workshops or scrapyards… Any type of company will be able to find a template that meets their needs.

It is essential to have these two templates activated so that your potential clients always receive a first message from you. There is nothing worse than reaching a WhatsApp and waiting for hours to receive a message. By the time you have responded, the customer will have forgotten about you.

With Google My Business you can also define your customer service hours in such a way that if you are outside of those hours, skip the absence message notifying the customer that you are not available.

We also offer you templates for these messages so that you can combine them correctly.

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