Grupo GESCONS is a leader in updating and deepening knowledge of health. With a presence in Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Chile, and the United States.

They have a virtual teaching platform for health professionals and the medical sciences community.

They currently have a network of more than 250,000 users on their digital platform. The training includes more than 350 diplomas and 400 courses, supported by the Colombian Medical Federation.

The Marketing, Sales, and user service team of its platform use WhatsApp to provide immediate and closer attention.

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> Grupo GESCONS triunfa con WhatsApp – Casos de Éxito

Grupo GESCONS has incorporated the ChatWith WhatsApp Widget on its website

Any visitor who enters your website through mobile / cell phone, computer, or desktop computer, to find out about courses, diplomas, and events, among other services offered by the group, has the possibility of receiving attention via WhatsApp.

Achievements with WhatsApp in record time

Grupo GESCONS has achieved more than 10,800 new contacts through its ChatWith WhatsApp Widget.

Report Clicks and Leads in the WhatsApp Widget with

It is one of the most successful examples in a short period of use of the ChatWith platform since they started using the tool in November 2021, Congratulations!

We at ChatWith are very excited to see the incredible results you are achieving in driving your sales and continuing to provide excellent service to your users.

Learn more about the GESCONS Group by visiting its website, click here.

If you want to incorporate WhatsApp into your Marketing and Sales strategy, enter here now, to create your account.

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