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Step 5: How to create a payment link for your widget

First, we go to the Payments section and click on create new.

Next, we fill in the fields as shown in the example:

Below we find the payment options, we must click on the ones we want to activate, in the example below the Paypal option is activated and in the field below we would paste our Paypal link.

Once we are done, click Save. We return to the Agents section and click on the edit form. We go to the bottom of the screen and select Send me the user to checkout and select the payment link that we have made previously.

Once we have done the above, a new field will appear to fill in the payment button, we can see it in the following image, in which we have decided to call the Make my payment now button:

Finally, this would look like this:

Step 6: Track the leads that enter through the widget

To do this we must go to the Leads section, this will allow us to see the following:

In the previous image, we see the leads that have entered through the widget, if we click on the phone number that is shown in green, it allows us to write a message that will reach the client through WhatsApp. Once the message is sent, it will be recorded below.

In the New Customer section, you can choose a status to keep track of customers.

To the right is Notes, in it, you can add extra information about the client that facilitates follow-up. And finally, we find three fields to fill in the email, phone number, and name of the client.

Step 7: Carry out campaigns through ChatWith.io

To start we must go to the top of the screen and click on Campaigns.

To begin, we must add an excel, for example, the database with the contacts of the leads, in the Your audiences section and upload them. Once this is done, we go to the List of Campaigns and click on Create a new campaign with the last import, then we will see the following screen:

We fill in the fields with the requested information and click on Create new campaign. This will take us back to the previous screen and click on view all to see our campaign and select it.

At the top of the screen, we will find the data of the campaign that we filled in previously, where we can see the message, select status, etc.

Below we find the contacts, if we click on the phone number of the lead, the following window will appear that allows you to send the campaign message or another message to the contact if you wish. It allows you to send them one by one to make sure you complete all of them.

Step 8: How to schedule meetings with clients

Thanks to Meezty, we can save time when scheduling meetings with our clients. To do this, click on Bookings, located at the top of the screen.

This action will take us to the Meezty page, where we must register. At the top, we see our Meezty link, which we will share with the contacts with whom we want to schedule a meeting. And further down we see that two sessions are created by default, one of 60 minutes and another of 30 minutes.

If you click on edit, we can change the title, the duration, the location of the event, the link, etc.

Below we can synchronize it with the Google calendar.

And at the bottom of the page we can edit the availability:

Once the changes are saved, we just need to share the link to schedule an appointment for us!

These are all the advanced features that ChatWith.io provides you!

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