A lead magnet is a free resource offered to website visitors to capture their contact information and convert them into potential customers. Some examples of lead magnets are:

E-book: An electronic book is a popular resource that offers valuable information on a specific topic. To get it, visitors need to provide their email.

Webinar – A live or recorded webinar is a great way to educate visitors and get their contact information.

Checklist – A downloadable checklist to help visitors solve a specific problem.

Video Tutorial – A video tutorial showing how to do something can be very helpful for visitors.

Free Consultation – A free 30-minute consultation session can help visitors better understand your needs and how they can help solve your problems.

Downloadable Template – A downloadable template or tool that helps visitors improve their productivity or work.

Exclusive Discount: A special offer or exclusive discount for website subscribers may be an incentive for them to provide their contact information.

In short, a lead magnet is any free resource that can attract visitors and convince them to provide their contact information.

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