Businesses that use WhatsApp in Madrid

If you are running a business and are looking for the perfect tool to handle your customer relations, and a tool that can make you perform the best possible customer service, then there is a very simple solution for you, and you might already have it!

WhatsApp has become a favorite when it comes to communicating, selling and in general dealing with customers both online for webshops, but also for physical stores!

Especially in Spain are people starting to make notice of the potential, that WhatsApp provides!

Here are some examples of businesses in Madrid, who are using WhatsApp! 👇

Clothing stores in Madrid

Frajas Colombianas
Ibagsbelts Leganés
HES para niños – Tienda online
Bellydance Beats, Bellydance Garments Online shop
Morgan Surplus
Tipi tent
Ø – Clothing Madrid
Johnny and Velvet

All these businesses are great companies, who are all located in the Spanish capital Madrid, and who all have decided to use WhatsApp to get all the great benefits for both themselves, but indeed also for their customers!

Some of them have even upgraded to a WhatsApp business account, which in their industry, can only be highly recommended!

Curious about the differences between a WhatsApp business account and a regular WhatsApp account?

Then look no further, we explain it for you in this video! 👇

Benefits of WhatsApp Business

Create you own polls

Want to create polls for your customers? Here is how you do it! 👇

  1. Go to and log in 🌐
  2. Go to polls 📊
  3. Create your question and answers ✏️
  4. Publish, copy and share it! 👏

The links to polls you see next to the companies are examples of how these companies could potentially use polls to highlight certain parts of their business, or collect some knowledge about their customers behavior! 🤔

Polls can be used for many things, such as:

  • Collect information about your customers ✅
  • Get to know more about their behavior ✅
  • Engage them more with your business ✅
  • Give them a reason more to remember your business ✅

And many more reasons to try out polls! 🔥

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