You can create a link including your WhatsApp number using this free tool. Visit our website,, and create your free WhatsApp Link.

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Where you can use your link to WhatsApp number

WhatsApp presents an opportunity to meet customers easily and building relationships on the channels their target audiences use in daily life.

The easiest way to do this is to make sure that your WhatsApp link is visible on your website and all profiles and pages associated with your brand, add it to all your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc…

Also, you can promote your WhatsApp link in social media posts across all active platforms, and Embed your Whatsapp chat link into Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts.

How to create a link to your WhatsApp number

Step 1. Go to and add your phone number with your country code.

Step 2. Enter your name OR your business name

Step 3. Add your welcome message for your user (Optional)

Step 4. Click on “Create your WhatsApp Link

Step 5.Then take your link copy and paste it on any social media platform to share it with your users.

How to share link to WhatsApp number

If you want to share your link to your WhatsApp profile number, you can copy the link from your account.

This video, explained step by step, how to create and to use the WhatsApp link:

How to track the links in your WhatsApp number

You can watch the clicks’ progress from your WhatsApp link account. Go to the website, login to your account, fill in your phone number with the country code and your password.
After, go to your profile. In unit “My links” appears these 3 green-blue bars, containing some details inside.

  • The first one, is the date, which you created your WhatsApp link.
  • The second is the amount of totals clicks you took from the starting date, and
  • Τhe last box contains the current clicks or the clicks of today.

How to share your link to WhatsApp number in Instagram

It’s so easy to share your WhatsApp link on your Instagram account. You can reach out to your Followers and page visitor by asking them to talk to you directly on WhatsApp.

Firstly, edit your profile, and add your link to the blank box of your “website“. After, press “submission“. And your WhatsApp link now appears successfully in your profile description.

To make it more accessible to users just add a small introduction to the description, For example, “⬅️🗳” , or “inbox here” or “click and chat at WhatsApp link”. In this way invite your followers to use this link, for chatting or calling you anytime.

How to share your link to WhatsApp number in Facebook

You can share your link so easily and efficiently on Facebook. Give your online friends the opportunity to find you on the most popular chat platform.

How could I do this?

  • Create a post on Facebook, explain to your online friends, that you have a account in WhatsApp. Make a post with your WhatsApp link and small text on it, for example, “Hey I am John, if you need my help, please contact me here” and they should click on it and start the communication on WhatsApp.
  • Add your WhatsApp link to BIO or resume on Fb, the procedure is the same as above. Just copy and paste your WhatsApp link to your bio with a similar description, that will guide the user to talk to you at WhatsApp.

Now the added link is shown in the information of your Facebook profile and can be seen and clicked anytime by your friends and followers.

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