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How to get more visits and contacts on your WhatsApp

If you are a store or a freelancer, what you need is for your WhatsApp business to be full of requests for budgets, projects, services, previous appointments … This is the reality for all independent professionals who either directly or with an agency need to attract clients in an agile and constant way.

Here we will explain how we help you and what you can do to get more customers.

1. The most important thing is to have a WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp business is a very necessary and recommended first step in managing your leads. The worst thing that can happen to you is that customers start arriving and get lost in your conversations between friends and family. On your mobile you can have two WhatsApps (the normal one and the business one) and thus clearly separate what is work from what is your personal life.

2. Once you have this separated, create a Widget with this mobile and if you have a web page, add the widget and the button to your WhatsApp. Make it very easy to get to your WhatsApp from your website.

3. It is highly recommended to offer the link to WhatsApp on your LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook profile. If you are active in a social network, use your link to WhatsApp to manage the maximum number of requests. Make it easy for someone to find you and ask for information. WhatsApp makes it very easy to block heavy clients so you will always have control of who you want to talk to.

4. If you use YouTube, the link to WhatsApp is the perfect tool to make it easier for customers to contact you in the comments of your videos. Simply, in the description of the video, add your link to WhatsApp so that any client, company or individual, or a potential advertiser can contact you. If you want to sell and earn money, the first step is to contact someone and build a trusting relationship that you can develop in the future.

5. If you sell with PDF catalogs, it is also highly recommended to add a link to your WhatsApp so that they can easily contact you.

In short, whatever your point of contact, make WhatsApp an easy-to-use and available channel for your potential customers.

Landing page with WhatsApp

The concept of Landing Page with WhatsApp is very important to get customers in a simple way via SEO. When you sign up with us, please indicate your sector of activity and if possible add as much information as possible about your company. We will expose you in our directory in such a way that it is easier to find you. We want the best WhatsApp Business to have more visibility and have more opportunities to attract customers.

If you are premium, your profile will be highlighted and we will help you to be as prominent as possible within your category and country.

In our blog, if you consider it appropriate, we will talk about your company and services to help you as much as possible to find potential clients.

Surveys with WhatsApp

Surveys with WhatsApp are another great tool to generate visibility and attract customers. If you use it from your premium account you can offer information about your product and service to your customers.

WhatsApp surveys are very popular to share in groups and will allow you to generate a lot of vitality with your products, services and brand.

WhatsApp groups

The main channel to win customers today is in WhatsApp groups. You can do various things. First create a group about your solutions. Don’t make a group about your brand. Make a group about the things you solve. Make a group like “Decorating your house”, or “10 tips for divorces” or “How to walk your dog.” Whatever your business, make groups based on solutions and problems of your customers. Share these groups from your social networks and from your widget and with the help of our WhatsApp forms ensure that the users are the ones you really need.

WhatsApp groups are a very powerful tool and for this reason we recommend that you go little by little and as you see that you control the flow of users well and their quality, do tests that facilitate your management of them as much as possible and above all conversion to end customer.

Your profile in our WhatsApp Business directory

We want to offer you the best showcase for your business and for this, the more complete your profile is on our website, the more chances you will have to be highlighted. Our directory is very popular for business searches and we empower clients from all over the world to find solutions to their needs with WhatsApp Business.

We just want to help you as much as possible so that your clients discover you and can reach your agents via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Status

Your status on WhatsApp will allow you to reach more users with your updates. Use it wisely and help your customers discover news about your products that will help you get more customers and close more sales.

WhatsApp Catalog

If you do not use WhatsApp business, it is highly recommended that you do so even if it is only for this functionality. If you use WhatsApp catalogs wisely, you will generate a lot of interaction with your users. The customer is already in your profile and it will be very easy to buy or get in touch with you. This option is relevant at the level of visibility and of getting more people to see your complete profile and have a good understanding of the services and advice you offer.

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