Create your online store on WhatsApp!

Can you imagine how much money you would save in solving the claims of your clients having everything channeled into a single platform? Did you know that you can create a very powerful sales channel for your products with just one click?

Well, all this is possible thanks to WhatsApp Messenger. You can create your own online store to sell through this instant messaging app. You can also analyze your marketing strategy and know who you are reaching.

Don’t be left behind! Choose this tool to attract more customers. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry! We will explain it to you in an easy way..

Why you need to use WhatsApp Business to create your online store:

–          WhatsApp is one of the most used platforms in the world, which is why a large number of people have this instant messaging application installed on their mobiles. This creates a great opportunity for companies to create a new sales channel.

–          It is possible to have a closer relationship with the customer, since you can know their thoughts, tastes and criticisms about the products or services that the company sells.

–          It causes greater empathy in the customer-company relationship because buyer personas will feel heard and the response time to their concerns will be shorter. This causes customers to put aside emails or phone calls as communication alternatives.

–          Through chatbots it is possible to save a lot of money and labor, since it is not necessary to hire a person to serve customers.

–          With chat robots, it improves the filtering of the information that employees must handle. That is, only the topics that are not covered in the robot’s menu will be attended by a natural person. This increases efficiency and saves a lot of time and money.

–          Scheduling for automated messages is a breeze, so you don’t need to spend large amounts of money to get a welcome attendee to the company’s platform.

–          WhatsApp Messenger generates a more professional image to the work of the company. This is based on the fact that it is possible to see in a single place the company logo, its mission, vision, values, opening hours, branch addresses and assistance telephone numbers.

–          The messaging platform can be installed on a computer or mobile, so you will always have access to new messages or inquiries received.

–          It is a tool that easily adapts to social media plans and any marketing strategy. This is because you can link it to all your social media accounts and platforms through our magic link by creating your free whatsApp Business link from here, and also you do not need to spend money to access its benefits!

–          WhatsApp Messenger is adaptable to any type of business, so the platform can be used by freelancers and SMEs, regardless of what products they sell or what service they provide to their customers.

–          You will be able to create an online store without spending great resources. In addition, its update is simple so you will not need many people to maintain this sales space in an optimal way.

How to create a catalog on WhatsApp Business and turn your profile into an online store!

As we mentioned before, one of the benefits that WhatsApp Messenger offers you is the possibility of creating an online catalog so that you can offer it in your store.

Let’s see below how to create this sales tool in a simple way:

The steps are:

–          Download whatsApp Business application from your App store

–          Open the app and click on the three dots in the right corner.

–          Select Settings and press on the pencil to edit the photo, your business information and a phrase that represents it (it can be a slogan, the schedule or even the mission).

Now, it is the turn to create your own catalog:

–          When you click on the options menu, a drop-down menu will open, in which you must choose Tools for the company.

–          Under the profile where you put the address and hours, select Catalog. Doing so will open the catalog manager with your company name and slogan.

–          In the Create a catalog section you can insert photos of your products or services. To do this, you will have to click on the add icon to activate your mobile camera or choose from the gallery up to 10 images of the photos you want.

–          Now add the images, item name, description and price.

–          When you are done, you will be able to add more items. For this you will have to click on the “+” sign, Add a new article.

–          If you wish, it is also possible to add extra fields such as a direct link or the product code.

–          Finally, save the changes you have made to the button in the upper right corner Save.

–          Now you can share your products with your customers. This is a great way to accelerate sales with your customers sharing your products with them.

Remember that in the catalog manager you have a default link. This link allows the public to see the stock of products or services that you offer. You will be able to send the link to one of your contacts on WhatsApp, copy it or share it by other means

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