Is WhatsApp business free?

Yes, this WhatsApp application is free, you can have it installed on your phone together with the normal WhatsApp application. You can link WhatsApp to another phone line so that you have two independent WhatsApp applications on your phone.

If you have a business, this configuration is very important so that you can receive all your work messages on one line and on another line you can receive all the messages that have to do with your friends and family.

What does it mean to verify my WhatsApp account?

WhatsApp offers an option that is that your phone line is verified with your company. This verification allows WhatsApp to be used with a pencil and you can use a box for automatic responses. The verification process also generates a complete identity of your company.When a user connects with your phone you will see a green label next to your phone and also by default you will see the name of your company. This option is very important to prevent other companies or people from impersonating our business.

Your verified account protects your business and your customers.

When someone contacts you, you will see that the name of the company as well as the green label guarantees that they are talking to the official phone number of the company.

Verification is free on Instagram, why is it paid on WhatsApp?

This is a question that does not usually come up and we understand that it generates confusion.

On Instagram you can verify a business for free and in a very simple way.

In WhatsApp the verification process is a bit more complex and requires providing a series of documents that really verify that the business exists and that it also belongs to one of the categories that WhatsApp allows the WhatsApp API to use.

All these steps and the use of the WhatsApp API mean that in the end the process generates costs, these costs must be borne by the client. We understand that perhaps the concept of a verified account that in some sites is free but that in WhatsApp is paid generates confusion. The explanation is the one we have discussed, the verification of the WhatsApp account allows companies to use their official number in a more professional way.

It can be used from a Help desk, you can use the API, you can send mass messages using WhatsApp, you can send notifications from an online store using WhatsApp, etc. Epic WhatsApp there together with the verified account allow your business to make a really professional use of WhatsApp.

Can I send massive messages using WhatsApp?

Yes, you can send Puig to users who have accepted your privacy policy and the sending of communications with WhatsApp and you can do it using the templates that WhatsApp authorizes.

It is very important that all your users have agreed to receive communications via WhatsApp. This aspect may require you to make changes to the customer acquisition forms on your website. If you have already taken this step and all your clients have accepted this form of communication, the next step would be to have or validate the Message templates that you want to use with WhatsApp.

From WhatsApp we can send messages that are authorized by WhatsApp.

We know that it may sound a bit strange, it seems that WhatsApp is acting as a censor or is acting as a police officer and in part it is. WhatsApp wants the communications made on its platform to be relevant and, above all, to avoid spam. Any excessively promotional communication will be prohibited by WhatsApp. Communications can be notifications, notices, updates … Any excessively commercial communication will be prohibited by WhatsApp.

We all want WhatsApp to be a relevant channel and for this spam must be prohibited, this is something that is good for everyone.

The better the channel and the more relevant it is for our clients, the more effective the communication will be.

So, once your account has been verified and your templates have been approved, you can make Puig messages from WhatsApp.

Can I use a bot to serve my customers in a first contact?

Yes, if you have a verified account and therefore have the WhatsApp API, you can access the use of automated boxes.

Designing a bot is not easy and it is a process that requires some abstraction and process design.

Here we can help you in that design layer.

But think of it as an investment that pays off quickly. Having a bot both for support and for the first contact with your clients will save you many hours of human work.

SDR is a layer that you can largely automate. That first contact with a client in which you basically want to confirm if you are available for a call, if you really want to confirm a registration process, if your service really interests him, if he really has the capacity to buy … all those customer cleaning processes, lead cleaning, registration processes, those processes when we are in massive recruitment campaigns, have of a bot will allow the process to be automatic, efficient, 24/7, and above all you will be able to dedicate resources to much more rewarding tasks.

An SDR team can spend their time prospecting where the added value is much higher than screening leads.

Where is the information of the conversations stored and can I generate reports or statistics?

Having access to the API allows you that all the information that is generated in your verified WhatsApp account is stored and processed.This allows the intelligence of your company to increase, the information about your clients better, your client’s file is unified and centralized, you can generate reports and statistics.

Here the next leg that enters the discourse is the CRM. Your CRM is the tool that allows you to manage, process and present all this information.

Finished conversations, accepted conversations, generated leads …

Having the WhatsApp API allows you to analyze, process and above all manage the sales and support channel with WhatsApp as if it were any other channel.

The advantage is that we have a really effective channel in terms of the open rate and above all a channel that we can automate.

I hope you are looking at WhatsApp API and verifying your account are very profitable and sensible investments for any business.

The telephone and e-mail are channels that are slowly dying.

If your business focuses on end customers, b2c, having WhatsApp, WhatsApp business, WhatsApp api and bots are processes that you have to adapt to.

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