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WhatsApp Business Marketing Strategy

Do you want to acquire more clients, grow your business and excel in sales? The key to surpass your competition and obtain market domination lies within implementing the perfect strategy. Are you aware of how much potential WhatsApp has? It’s currently the #1 communicator in the world with over 2 billion active users, therefore its safe to say that it is a endless customer base with clients from all around the globe.

Why WhatsApp Business instead of regular version of the App? WhatsApp Business equips you with a variety of features such as:

  • Business Profile 
  • Quick replies 
  • Automated messages 
  • Messaging Statistics


Since you are using WhatsApp as a tool to get in touch with your customers, it’s of highest importance that your brand is easily recognizable. People usually aren’t very keen on engaging with “No Names”. Try to establish a very appealing profile. Now in order to get recognition and stay in the minds of you customers for longer than a brief moment, a good idea is to run a campaign on WhatsApp. That’s right a campaign, why not utilize this App, if its completely free? You only need a smartphone. A good marketing campaign to kick-off would include:

  • sending multimedia content
  • sending exclusive offers
  • utilizing the “Status” aka Story feauture
  • sharing promotional codes
  • doing giveaways/lotteries

Now that we have their attention, it’s wise to leverage it and learn from your customers as much as possible. At this stage you will want to send surveys, collect and analyze the feeback. Ask about virtually everything: features of a particular product, their favoruite product amongs a few, best taste or color, by developing creative and entertaining questionnaires you engage with your customers, interact with them which helps facilitate brand loyalty and long-term customer retention and on top of that you receive a valuable feedback, from the people interested in your products/ services. This knowledge will later on help you curve the best possible offering.

In order to boost your credibility and customer satisfaction, make your best effort to provide a Top-notch customer support. Real time service is something that SME’s can’t usually afford, but with the help of WhatsApp, you and your small but swift team can reply to all the customers’ concerns fairly quickly so that they get an impression of high quality, time-saving service.

When your business starts getting more and more recognizable, the process only speeds up, the growth is exponential and it will accelerate constantly if you do everything right, thus creating a broader customer database to work with, strong brandname and succesfull sales with substantial profits.

Neeed to broaden your WhatsApp customer database?

If you want to acquire more clients on WhatsApp a wise solution would be to implement a WhatsApp Widget on your website, this will forward users from your domain to a conversation with you on WhatsApp with solely one click.

Currently the best WhatsApp Widget on the market can be found here. Capitalize on this occasion and transform your users into customers.


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