6 rules of whatsapp business

The current situation is complicated at a global level and most of the companies are looking for online ways to sell such as web page, e-commerce shop, instagram etc. What includes all these channels and what we strongly recommend is that you start using WhatsApp Marketing considering the advantages it offers and the popular use of the application worldwide.

Here are the 6 steps you should follow to give a professional use to your WhatsApp and use it as a marketing strategy to sell more;

1- Use WhatsApp Business

You need to separate your work from your personal life. Having all the work and friends’ messages mixed could cause a chaos, you may not give a fast and accurate response to your clients. For that, you should start using WhatsApp Business separate from your personal WhatsApp and you will manage better client inquiries.

6 rules of whatsapp business


It’s very easy. Download free WhatsApp Business from your application store and connect your phone number. WhatsApp would make you an automatic phone call where they give the code that you should introduce in your app.


2- Define an Away Message

Non-stop WhatsApp messages from clients could be a nightmare for business owners or support team. The solution is easy: add predefined messages that will make the clients feel attended all the time and save you some time with automatic greeting or away messages.

When the users write you out of your working hours or when you’re not available for any reason, they would receive an automated answer from you like “We are not available at the moment, please contact between 09:00-17:00 hours”. However, it is important to give them options to solve their problems while you’re away. “If your inquiry is urgent, please call on xxx or visit our webpage”, “If you want to make an order, please fill this form” etc.

Discover more about away message at -> Automated Away Message with WhatsApp

3- Add a Professional Profile Picture

Your WhatsApp Business is not you, it is your company. You should add a professional profile photo such as the logo of your business or a photo of your shop. Many users before contacting you, would look at your profile photo. If your profile does not seem professional, it may give an unreliable business impression.

4- Insert a Call to Action Message in Your Web

It is important to add a Call to Action message on your online presence such as Instagram, Twitter, web page, Facebook etc. At this moment it’s essential that your users know you’re active. Add texts about new products, coupons, new offers/promotions, or simply about starting a conversation with you.

5- Review Your Stats

“What is not measured can not be improved” explains a popular saying. When you create your WhatsApp Widget with our tool, you have a free Control Panel where you can check the statistics of your WhatsApp use such as number of hits (people that contact you) or the reference page of users. The periodical review of performance would let you know what is working good, establish future goals and start working to achieve them.

6- Ask Your Clients to Leave Opinion and Add You to Their Contact List


It is important that the clients give you feedback, suggestions or simply an opinion. Client is the best source of information firstly for you to learn what to improve in your service and secondly to let other users hear about your presence with a word of mouth.

Asking your clients to add you on their contact list is another way of creating a recommendation network. When someone asks a friend if he knows a good dentist, shoemaker, language academy etc, that friend should be able to send the contact info of recommended place from his list.

This step is essential if you want your clients to bring more clients to you, which is the most effortless but efficient marketing strategy.

If you want to survive in this competitive and complicated environment, we encourage you to profit the advantages that WhatsApp offers to improve your business. Check out our webpage for more information.

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By Buket Yoldas

Buket Yoldaş, Marketing & Sales Director of tochat.be Turkey If you are willing to offer your clients a faster and more interactive communication via WhatsApp in your website, or create/update your web page, we are here to help you. Contact us✏️ "https://chatwith.io/s/5f3125250fb4a"