With September ending, it’s time to start thinking about marketing strategies for businesses. There are 3 big events to plan for around this time of year: Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas.

According to Yesmail Interactive’s studies, almost 40% of people start their holiday shopping in october. The holiday season with Halloween (October 31), Black Friday (November 27) and Christmas (December 25) makes it a need to have your marketing plan identified and prepared by the end of September.

Here are some tips we believe could help you promote your business and accelerate your sales in this period.

Know Your Customer

First step is knowing your clients and their needs. Make researchs and communicate with them wherever you can, before or after sales. Try to know who is buying the most, whats the average age, are they mostly women or men, what are their shopping habbits, which channels they use to comunicate and buy, which product/service of yours is more popular which is less, what is their purchasing power and anything you can learn…

The information you collect will help you offer your client what exactly they search for and anticipate their expectations.

Define Your Promotion Plan and Goals

Now that you know your client and what they want, you can define your promotion plan and goals. According to what you want to offer and achieve at the end of this season, define the adecuate promotion tactics. It’s important that the customer feels that its a special temporary offer that shouldn’t be missed. So be specific about the offer durations and emphasize on price change between promotion and normal.

Here are some promotion ideas you could implement: temporary discounts, custom packaging, push notifications in your webpage, contests and gifts, free tryouts of your services, special prices for loyal clients, holiday specific products…

Make Your Page Attractive

Due to the current situation where people are scared of going out and mix in crowds, the first process info gathering before the shopping will happen on internet. Potential customers will come to Google search, companies’ social media accounts, online catalogs etc to see the products. You should make sure you get their attention and make them spend more time on your page. For that you can announce your promotions with attractive visuals on your web/social media profiles, replace your promotion banners in popular pages you see fit, create little contests for the users that visit your page etc.

In our article about Black Friday tips, you can find and use the free visuals we prepared for your campaigns👇

Black Friday Promotion Ideas – Free Visuals

Add WhatsApp to Your Web, Social Media Profiles and Google My Business

During holiday shoppings clients will have many questions. They won’t understand well some promotions, they will have problems/doubts about payment or delivery, they will want to learn your working hours, where is your shop, how to solve a tehcnical problem during online purchase and many more… You have to be accessible any time to solve their problems and offer the best sales and support channel.

Adding your WhatsApp link to your social media and google my business profiles and adding a WhatsApp widget on your web/landing page, will help you centralize all the communications that users iniciate and you won’t have to switch from Facebook messenger to WhatsApp, from email to Instagram DM to answer your clients.


Some other advantages of using WhatsApp for your communications are that you can offer payment options, add forms if you want to get some early information about client, add automatic domain information to know from which page they are writing you.


On WhatsApp, you can also share multimedia material such as personalized promotion vouchers/coupons to the clients that come to your page. You can find here free voucher and coupon examples we prepared for you. Those custom promotions make the clients feel special and they wouldn’t want to miss this temporary opportunity.


Don’t miss the oppportunity of accelerating your sales during this holiday season and pick the ideas that are the best for your business.

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By Buket Yoldas

Buket Yoldaş, Marketing & Sales Director of tochat.be Turkey If you are willing to offer your clients a faster and more interactive communication via WhatsApp in your website, or create/update your web page, we are here to help you. Contact us✏️ "https://chatwith.io/s/5f3125250fb4a"