Here we would like to present our new automated solution for your frequently asked questions.

In your web page you can insert this bot that will launch an answer to the users about the questions you define in your page.

A bot for frequently asked questions will help you ease the work load that you could possibly have on your web page while providing support to your clients;

  • Reduce at least 30% of the Customer Care work
  • 24/7 available working for you
  • Obtain all the conversation metrics
  • Deploy multichannel with WhatsApp Business API
  • Automatically created Chatbot after you define your frequently asked questions
  • Easy self-management
  • AI and natural language processing
  • More than 25.000 inquiries managed every day

The support work of first level is generally a very repetitive process. The clients mostly ask the same questions over and over.

Delivery hours and costs, return policy, service cost depending of offered options and many other questions… This bot that we present will help you offer responses to your clients’ frequently asked questions as a dialogue so that it’s a natural interaction way for the user.

A page for frequently asked questions is usually an unrewarding experience for the user. He/she must look for the information in a page or a series of page where navigating could be complicated. Sometimes they offer dropdowns, menus or even search engines. But that type of experiences to find your own answers is not very efficient.

With the bot that we offer now, the user experience is satisfying because the dialogue is natural. The user writes a question and obtains a direct and precise answer related to the content he/she asked about.

The effort for the user is minimal and the reward obtained is maximum.

It will also serve as a statistical tool about your web service. If there are too many questions about same topic you can analyse the frequency and the answer sent.

Obviously this designed process will allow you a continuous improvement.

In general we believe that offering quick and accurate answers to your clients with a friendly interface specifically designed to function optimally in mobile devices, is the best answer to those frequent doubts that the clients will have. Don’t hesitate to activate this service now, we can help you through all the process; from the design of the survey to the training questions so that you can improve the user experience.

We invite you to try the bot on this page itself. We set up a service for you to see how it would work. If you have doubts or comments, or you need help to set up your bot, contact us!

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By Buket Yoldas

Buket Yoldaş, Marketing & Sales Director of Turkey If you are willing to offer your clients a faster and more interactive communication via WhatsApp in your website, or create/update your web page, we are here to help you. Contact us✏️ ""