Current status > From “no WhatsApp” to “managed WhatsApp lead forwarding”

Categories with No WhatsApp

We understand that categories with small value items, are not the priority, but we can add “WhatsApp buttons” automatically with tracking. We know this is a very nice addon for these marketplaces.

Categories with Self Redirect WhatsApp

In the Motor category there is a WhatsApp Button that redirects to the “vendor” WhatsApp Number. This is very cool and we can help with a better technology and better tracking solutions. 

Categories with “Managed WhatsApp lead forwarding”

In the Real Estate Category there is an interesting use case. The WhatsApp lead goes to an account manage by “dubizzle” and then the lead information is forward to the vendor. The vendor later on will contact the buyer. 

What we propose:

Provide WhatsApp button to all categories. With our tracking technology, you will have access to all data from your clients. You can provide a personalized control panel for users to understand the performance of their listings.

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