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We have updated the WhatsApp service so that now all the Clicks that you generate in the Widget have been registered in your Facebook account.

For this service to work, you must have the Facebook pixel installed on your website.

Probably if your website is an online store or you do advertising campaigns with Facebook ads, you already have it installed.

To check the Facebook pixel settings you can check this Facebook page. The advantages offered by this measurement system is that you can check the effectiveness of your campaigns knowing how many users start a conversation on WhatsApp.

Suppose you have an academy page, you sell products, you are running a recruitment campaign. Whatever your page is through Facebook ads you can send users to that page. That step of sending users to your website is very important. The next step we want is to know the conversion.

How many users who visit me start a conversation with me. To measure this conversion, the Facebook pixel will help you to perfectly control the investment in your campaign and the clicks generated.

If you work with an agency it is very important that you tell them that you want to know this information. You must be able to control your investment in Facebook and know the results that are being generated. Getting visits to your website is a very important step, but it is just as important to get users to ask for more information.

The call to action can be in an email button, form or WhatsApp.

As you can imagine if your campaign has a high percentage of mobile users, the best tool for that user to become a potential client is to offer them the WhatsApp button.

With our widget you will be able to offer several agents depending on the specialty, a previous form for the user to give you some relevant data for your business and you will be able to completely customize the widget design.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how to install this Facebook pixel and how to measure the clicks that are generated, please contact us, we will help you with all the configuration you need.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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