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We all feel overwhelmed sometimes with the amount of messages and e-mails that we have to keep track of and answer. Especially if you are a business owner you probably are present in many platforms at the same time; CRM tools, WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat etc. Its a ton of workload to follow-up all the communications you receive in each platform. Wouldn’t it be a life saver to have a tool that lets you visualize all in one central inbox?

Yes, it would be. And it is! With Trengo, you can streamline all your communication channels into one powerful inbox. Switching screens and logging into multiple inboxes is forever history. Trengo integrates all your favorite communication channels into one inbox. From email to WhatsApp, from voice to their own live chat solution.

Assign Conversations to Team Members

In Trengo, conversations can be easily assigned to the right team or user.


By @tagging a colleague, you can leave internal comments and easily collaborate to solve a problem. With one click, you switch to your team chat for 1-on-1 or group communication.

You can carry out a more efficient time management and a work distribution within your team, while providing a faster problem-solving process to the client.

“Amazing experiences start with frictionless communication”

Trengo lets you create workflows to automatically assign conversations to the right team, add labels, send automatic replies or create your own SLA’s.

On the other hand, you can create a self-service help center where customers can find the answers themselves. That way you don’t need to hire real support agents and the customer doesn’t have to wait for support. You can reduce waiting times and support tickets with your custom-built help desk.

This tool that you can try for free, could make you power up your work by unifying all channels, unlocking team collaboration and creating productive workflows – all in one organized inbox.

Now you can connect your WhatsApp Business channel as well. If you have a WhatsApp Widget in your website, the conversations that customers iniciates over your widget could be reviewed in your Trengo account together with other channels. If you still don’t have one, start with creating your account now!

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  1. Hi, I need buy a “What’sApp Add on” to see the messages that arrive to my different what’s app?

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