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How to Add Your Business to Apple Maps

Today we are going to provide a short instruction on how to make your company visible on Apple maps, so in case your clients are using an Iphone device, when they enter your WhatsApp business profile they can see the location of your company and make sure that it actually exists.

To list your firm on Apple Iphone maps follow these steps.

Step 1

Please go to Apple maps connect and login with your Apple ID, this will be the same account that you normally use for iTunes… If you don’t have Apple account, it’s best to create one, there is no way around it.

Step 2

Search for your business, in most cases if you are an owner of a small firm it will not exist, because no one added it. In case it is already visible, please claim your business by clicking on more information and “claim this business”. In most cases you will have to fill in the data about your business manually.

Step 3

Validate your rights for the company, Apple Iphone maps will automatically trigger a call and send a code to check your identity.

Step 4

Once the process of validation is complete, you may enter the location data. Full street address and city/zip code & state information are mandatory, although we recommend to fill out all the existing fields.

Step 5

At this point Apple maps will ask you to set up your map marker, this will highlight the exact location of your company and make it easier for your clients to find the right building/ entrance.

Step 6

Demarcate the opening hours of your business, keep in mind that this will not be fixed once you set it up, you can always edit this information.

Step 7

Add your website and social media accounts

Step 8

Review all the information, click OK and later check if everything is working well and you are showing up on Iphone maps. New listings should appear within a week at most, in case further verification is required, apple will contact you directly.

You are all set and good to go, hope you found this article usefull 😉



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