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We all wish sometimes we had more hands to do several things at the same time. When you’re carrying things in your arms, doing house work or riding a bike suddenly you receive a WhatsApp message so all you need is an extra hand! Ooor, if you are an iphone user, you can always use Siri to read, write, reply and send WhatsApp messages without using your hands. You start with “Hey Siri” and dictate, handsfree👐🏼

To be able to integrate WhatsApp to Siri and let Siri access WhatsApp conversations, you should have an updated version of WhatsApp and at least iOS 10.3 in your Iphone. If so, you go to Settings> Siri & Search> Listen for “Hey Siri” enabled.

How to let Siri read, write and send WhatsApp messages

First of all, you should allow WhatsApp, from the list of applications to use with Siri (the list appears at the bottom of the page), to share contacts and other information so that Apple can process requests. Follow the steps below and Siri will listen to your orders and dictate on WhatsApp application.

whatsapp siri handsfree

Siri commands to read, write and send WhatsApp messages

When you wake Siri up with a “Hey Siri“, she gets ready to listen to your orders. And after that you say;

  • To send a message to a whatsapp contact or group;Send a WhatsApp message to (contact or group name)“. There Siri will ask “What do you want to say?” and you start dictating. When the text is ready Siri shows you the text and asks if she sould send. You can say “Send, Cancel or Edit.

  • To read and answer new WhatsApp messages; “Read the new WhatsApp messages”. Siri starts to read them one by one telling also the remitter, date and hour of message. When she finishes you can say “Answer” or just confirm if she asks and start dictating your answer.

We believe that Siri and WhatsApp integration could save us time letting us use WhatsApp even when we are not able to take the phone in our hand.

We hope you find this article useful!


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