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Why WhatsApp In Your Website?

Around 60%-80% of your users browse your website using their phone. The main function of your website is to generate a contact. Customers should be able to call you to book a meeting, request more information, buy your services.

At that point, WhatsApp is the best channel where:

  • You can chat with your customer.
  • You can book a meeting.
  • You can ask for a payment.

So, its time to connect your face to the world: WEBSITE and world’s most used communication platform: WhatsApp.

How to Create Your WhatsApp Widget

A Step By Step Manual

Learn how to create your WhatsApp button and add to your website in 6 steps with us.

WIDGET appears as a chat box pop-up in your website, as a way of calling your website visitors to get in touch with you

Step 1: Go to this link and create your free account

Step 2: Set-up your WIDGET

Here you can personalize your widget:

  • Name;so you can distinguish it from others in case you create more
  • Button Message appears on the widget
  • Short description of your company as Widget Message
  • Color of your widget
  • Icon appears on the top of your widget together with the message

Also you can decide the position of the widget on your website, if the widget appears on page load and whether its active or not.

Step 3: Add AGENTS 

Add and configure the agents that will be virtual or real responders to the users that send you a message through your WhatsApp Widget.

You can add several agents for each language, country, product etc.

  • Introduce the agent’s number, name, the job title and the icon that will appear on the widget
  • If you prefer to offer the users a default message, which would generally be a greeting or the most asked question about your product/service, you can add a predefined message so that the user can send this message without needing to type.
  • Last but not least, you can introduce the working hours of each agent that you add. You can define different hours for each day of the week and your agents would look offline when a user sends a message out of those hours.
Step 4: View STATISTICS of your Widget

Once you create your widget and agents, you can always reach the daily, weekly, monthly and annual STATISTICS of your widget, which means the number of times the users click to chat with you.

Step 5: Add Forms to your Widget

If you want to know more about your clients and have a clear data of them, you can add a form to your widget so that the users can answer the questions you want. This very useful feature is for Premium users and allows you register all the data collected by the forms. So you can always make detailed analyses to sell more, to support better.

In your form, you should enter each question as a new Form Item.

Step 6: Add the widget on your website

Your WhatsApp Widget is all set and ready to publish. Once you save your widget and ask to “get a widget code”, an automatic script will be generated and you should copy-paste it in your website. To install the widget you will need access to your source code.

You can visit our Youtube channel to get detailed information about how to add the widget code to different types of websites.

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By Buket Yoldas

Buket Yoldaş, Marketing & Sales Director of Turkey If you are willing to offer your clients a faster and more interactive communication via WhatsApp in your website, or create/update your web page, we are here to help you. Contact us✏️ ""