Best landing page builder – compare 2020

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A list of langing pages builders we compare in terms of pricing and WhatsApp capabilities.

You can use our WhatsApp Widget in all of them.

In this video we show you how to add WhatsApp to the unbounce landing page builder.

Add WhatsApp to ClickFunnels Landing page.

We review

Best landing page builder Alexa ranking Pricing / month – cheapest version WhatsApp Widget included WhatsApp Widget tested 12,200 $59 No Yes
NicePage 10,308 $25 NO 14,875 $49 NO 30,338 $149 Yes – Using link 2,547 $97 NO YES 17,082 $79 NO YES 48,524 $19 NO 24,188 $99 NO YES 23,670 $29,9 / month NO YES


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