Questions about WhatsApp Widget – How to add WhatsApp to your website

A) Our website is developed on .net & fully secured with SSL.. so if your premium package does not disturb its secure (https://) feature, we shall like to try your premium plan on yearly basis (US$ 15/ annually inclusive taxes).

We use HTTPS from end to end. Your information is secure and using will not break your HTTPS website.  

B)  It means you can create up to 10 different Widgets for the same domain. Imagine that you want a widget on the contact page where two agents appear, another for the services page where there are 4 other agents …

Yes, you can create specific widget for specific sections in your website. And you can create specific widgets for specific languages in your website.

C) After the chatting/ interaction on what’s apps – can the transcripts be forwarded on the mail or another what’s’ app number?

We can NOT do that. We only can send users to WhatsApp. 

D) When any client would access our this what’s widget through web mode, then he will have to scan a barcode first appear on the screen to get connected via web to mobile mode and in case of mobile to mobile, it will be direct access? Am I right?

Yes, that´s correct. WhatsApp will give you access to WhatsApp Web version for you to keep chatting.

By César Martín (

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