Why do consumers prefer to speak via WhatsApp?

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Consumer-Driven Conversations

By messaging an advertised WhatsApp phone number or tapping on the brand´s click to chat button, the consumer can begin a conversation with the brand.

WhatsApp Business “Click-to-Chat” Button

The Click to Chat link will be configured with the WhatsApp business number, allowing for direct navigation to a conversation thread with the brand WhatsApp profile (this allow the consumer to begin a chat with the brand without having the phone number saved in their contacts).

The button directs consumers to start a conversation with the brand through their WA mobile App or WA web on desktop.

Once a consumer sends the first message to the brand, the conversation will be triggered in your control panel.

The widget can be customised to any look and feel.

WhatsApp supports

  • Emojis
  • Rich links
  • Photo, video sharing

WhatsApp does not yet support

  • Structured content
  • Quick replies
  • Carousels

Verified business accounts

  • A green check mark in contact view shows the account is verified.
  • Verified Name is visible in contact view, chat list and chat screens.
  • If you verified the number your Business Name will be displayed in your customer WhatsApp number.

By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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