How to use WhatsApp Widget

Solution to have a WhatsApp chat on websites

Q: We need 3 languages. Do I have to create 3 widgets for this or is there a way to translate it using js?

R: For your needs is a better solution because is self hosted by default and you can use polylang or WPML. With you need to create a widget per language. You can use the same agents and phone numbers, but the widget needs to be unique.

Q: Can I selfhost the assets? like js and css files or do I have to embed it on your host?

R: With the script and assets are in our server. is selfhost. All the elements will be in your website.

Q: is for wordpress only or can I use it on my HTML site aswell?

R: is just for WordPress. We can do some manual work and encapsulate the widget for you to insert it in the HTML.
With the premium account (15$ / year) you can create unlimited widgets and you will manage them all from the same control panel.

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