TYPO3 is an open source CMS based on the PHP programming language. Since 2012, the software is officially known as TYPO3 CMS. TYPO3 is often used to create websites and is an alternative to Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal.

If you need to add a WhatsApp Widget to your Typo3 website, you can use our free widget.

How to add WhatsApp to your Typo3 Website

  1. Create your free account.
  2. Setup your widget. You have 3 steps. General Settings, Design and Agent. In the Agent step you need to add a phone number for your agent.
  3. Publish the script. Copy and paste the script in your website.

How to add a script in your Typo3 template

In this website there is a very clear explanation about how to do it. TYPO3 is a CMS for developers, so if you are not a developer, you may need assistance from one. Anyway, to add the script in your website with Typo3, this is extremely easy to do, regardless of whether you are using pure TypoScript templates or templates that use HTML, thanks to the ‘wrap‘ property and cascading templates. Below is an example:

After the last line of TypoScript in the Setup section of the web site root template, place code like this:

page.wrap (   
 | <script async data-id="YOUR ID WILL BE HERE" src="https://cdn.widgetwhats.com/script.min.js"></script> 

The way to install the plugin for Widget Whats is always the same. Find the location in your code where you can install the Google Analytics code. Is the same location.

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