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The “Voice for You” system is a computer tool that systematises information, centered on the student whose objective is the improvement of communication channels between the family and the school. It aims to keep the family informed of what students do at school, in a network that proposes to connect and bring together the actors who are in school (teachers, students, management team) with the family.

Allow the development of strategies aimed at promoting interaction between families, the school and the community in which the school is inserted.

The computer system contributes to the administration procedures in the following aspects: The production and systematisation of the information, this task consists in the design of the significant combinations of the data, in order to carry out diagnoses that detect problems or identify causes of these problems, possible relationships between them and ways of overcoming. The circulation of communications is to ensure that the information flow reaches all sectors and members of the institution. For this, the administration must build communication channels.

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