As you create your “prospecting list” of people you want to share your business with, remember, that you
are offering people a gift: of great products, or an incredible opportunity.

First message for your WhatsApp prospecting

“Hey {name}” Wait for the reply… It is very important for your contact to reply.

Then send this message:

I wanted to share some exciting news with you. I know you’ve built an incredible network in
{CITY}. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I am building a brand new business there, and I
immediately thought of you because I know how well networked and respected you are there.

Have you heard of before? I’m hoping I could share more about what we’re
doing, get your input and ideas, and see if you know anyone who may be interested in what we
are offering. Could we set a time to get together so I can share more?”

Offer to meet them, and treat them for coffee, or invite them on a call with you to learn more. After you share more, share your “short story” (WHY you’re doing the business and WHAT it’s doing for
you)—then invite them to a time to learn more.

The invitation for the prospect

Once you have a reply and they want more information, send the invitation…

Conference Call:
“I’m new and still learning. I’d love for you to hear from my business partner. She’ll be able
to share more and answer your questions. I think you’ll love her story! She’s available on
Wednesday at 10 am, Thursday at 4 pm, and Friday at noon. What time works best for you?”

Business Launch:
“Next Thursday night, I am hosting an event at my home and would love to have you there. It
would be a good chance for you to network with new people, and hear more about what I am
up to. We can then talk after! Your support would mean the world to me. Can I count on you?”

Business Presentation:
“Next Tuesday, we are having a business presentation in our area at 7 pm, and I would love
to have you as my guest. We can go to dinner afterward, and I can share more about my
experience with my brand new business. I would love your input. Can you join me?”

How to find more contacts

1) Work your contact list

Reach out to people on your Whatsapp and Facebook. Find a personal way to connect, then transition…”I see you’re in {CITY NAME}. I’m sure you’ve built a great network there. I’m actually expanding my business there. I would love to tell you what I’m up to, in hopes that you could connect me to some great people, and perhaps give me a few pointers. Can I treat you to coffee & share more?” CHALLENGE: 200 your first month!

2) Referral Rewards Program

if someone is not personally interested, say: “I’ve developed a great ‘referral rewards’ program. If you’re willing to help me spread the word, I’m happy to give you some free product (or my discount on the product) as a thank you”! *this is not company-sponsored—I do this on my own, through my monthly order.

3) Launch Events

Host events and ask people to host events for you. Say “My business is expanding in your area, and I would love to meet new people. If you’d be willing to host an event for me, I will do all the work, and throw in some free product (or offer my discount on the product) as a thank you.” *again, I fulfill this on my own through my monthly order.

4) Team Events

“Coffee & Conversations”, “Cocktails & Conversations”. Customer Appreciation Events, Vendor Events!

5. Prospecting When Out & About

Compliment, and ask questions to engage in conversation…”Cute kids. How old are they?” –“Love that bag. Where did you get it?”– “Great service! Do you love working here? Because we are looking for people like you for our business…” Share a sample or give out your card and exchange numbers. Add them on social media! Follow up!

6. Network with other entrepreneurs

find commonality and reason for reaching out to other business
owners in the area…”I just love your website, and I wanted to reach out and see who did it. I’m also looking to connect with other business owners in the area, and see how we might support each other’s business growth. Would you be willing to meet for coffee?”

7. Networking Groups

a great way to get and give professional referrals!

8. Social Media

it’s all about telling stories (sharing before and after pictures, or testimonials of success
stories on the product, or people in the business).

9. WhatsApp Your Customers

“Hi I just want to check in and see how you’re loving your products? I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but as a distributor of the products, I get a great discount. I was wondering if I could share with you more about this program so you could get a discount too & possibly earn them for free, or a little extra money by simply sharing your results with others!”

10. Revisit previous prospects whenever something is new

“The New Year is here, and I’m not sure if
you’ve been thinking about the business at all, but I sure have been thinking about you. It’s the perfect time to take another look, here’s why…..” Share what is new & exciting!

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