Sunday night saw the culmination in a classic and well planned event. Not the Superbowl, but the Cerave marketing campaign

Listening created one of the best Superbowl Adverts

Back in August, a tiktok user named Dani made a joke about the actor Michael Cera being the mastermind behind Cerava skincare. It started a fun conversation on social media and the marketing department at Cerave heard it and created a genius marketing plan to make the most of it. 

They crafted a story, using Michael Cera, having him “spotted” signing bottles of skin cream, leaning into the social chatter. This built up to a big reveal with an ad during the Superbowl commercial break. Revealing that no, Michael Cera did not create Cerave, rather it was a team of dermatologists. 

Capitalizing on the social conversation

By listening to a wider audience the marketing team at Cerave was able to capitalize on a social moment. They were able to use that knowledge to develop a successful marketing campaign which resonated with their audience and had way more impact than a regular ad campaign.

Most of us don’t have the marketing teams available to us that Cerave (part of the L’Oréal S.A. group) has access to. So, what can we learn from them and take advantage of:

Listening to your UGC 

UGC, or User Generated Content is an important marketing tool. Micro influencers are often a brands secret power. Video content referencing brands is constantly created. But how do you capitalize on opportunities without spending hours searching?

eStreamly launched a free UGC Video Alert tool. You’ll receive weekly emails with links, handles, and views on UGC videos about your products and brand’s UGC videos posted across different social media. All for FREE – just  Apply for this FREE Video UGC Alert tool.  

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