Adding an iMessage link to your WordPress website can be a convenient way for visitors to contact you directly through iMessage. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

  1. Create an iMessage Link: Start by creating an iMessage link. The format of an iMessage link is sms: followed by the phone number or email address. For iMessage, it’s typically an email address associated with the Apple ID. For example:graphql Copy code
  2. Insert iMessage Link in HTML: Once you have your iMessage link, you’ll need to insert it into your WordPress website. If you want to add it to a specific page or post, you can use the HTML block or add it directly into the HTML editor.For example, if you’re using the Block Editor (Gutenberg):
    • Create a new block and choose the “Custom HTML” block.
    • Insert your iMessage link in the HTML block.
    If you’re using the Classic Editor:
    • Switch to the HTML mode in the editor.
    • Insert your iMessage link where you want it.
    html Copy code <a href="">Contact via iMessage</a>
  3. Add Link in Text or Button: You can also integrate the iMessage link into a text or button. If you’re using the Block Editor, you can add a button block and insert the iMessage link as the button link. For the Classic Editor, you can use the HTML editor to wrap a link around text or a button.Example for a button with the iMessage link:htmlCopy code<a href="" class="button">Contact via iMessage</a>
  4. Preview and Publish: After adding the iMessage link, preview your page or post to make sure it works as expected. If everything looks good, go ahead and publish your changes.
  5. Test on iOS Device: To ensure the iMessage link works properly, test it on an iOS device. When users click on the link, it should open the iMessage app with the specified email address ready for a new message.

Remember to replace “” with your actual iMessage email address.

If you’re not comfortable working with HTML, you may also consider using a plugin that allows you to create links easily without manually editing the code. There are plugins available that make it simple to add custom links in WordPress.

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