You can create WhatsApp Channel to promote your business, news and topics to your audience.

Let’s say is a “soft” approach for users to view information and updates about your business.

Users can join your channel and they will see all your updates. This is very cool because in groups, when you join, you only see new updates. You can not see past updates. This is a feature that exists in Telegram but you can not see in WhatsApp Groups.

Join our WhatsApp Channel for WhatsApp Business

As important as to share your Channel, once the user is in your channel, you need to ensure your users click on the “follow” button. Otherwise, you only get visitors once to your channel. This is important to share with your users they follow your channel.

Creating your WhatsApp Channel

Just click on the “plus” sign to start creating your channels.

Just click on “Continue”

Add the name and description.

Once is done, you can start sharing your Channel.

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