Follow Up Boss is one of the leading solutions for realtors in the USA. This is a great tool to manage your leads.

About Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is simple sales software for real estate teams that helps make the sales process and follow up as efficient and effective as possible.

Sales agents love Follow Up Boss because the system is easy to use and helps drive immediate results. Team leaders love Follow Up Boss because it enables them to make better business decisions based on the insights Follow Up Boss provides about what’s happening with each agent and lead.

Who is using Follow up Boss

  • Keller Williams Realty
  • Robert Slack
  • Wemert Group
  • Whissel Realty
  • Laurie Finkelstein Reader
  • Justin Havre
  • The Loken Group
  • Bigblock Realty

How does Follow Up Boss work with WhatsApp?

WhatsApp integration with Follow Up Boss allows users to automatically sync new leads across both platforms. Set up synchronization Within minutes to start taking advantage of the best of both platforms.

You can connect WhatsApp with this realtor solutions using Automata

More leads, more WhatsApp notifications

Follow Up Boss is a real estate software designed to make real estate client conversion and sales tracking more efficient and automated, resulting in each client making more sales and having the ability to grow their business in a faster way. much calmer and more organized way.

Follow Up Boss gives agents the opportunity to offer an incredible customer experience, to the truth and volume that real estate companies require today. You’ll be able to log in and click the tasks button to view your tasks for the day and start checking them off one by one, then move on to responding to all your emails, missed calls, texts and voicemails in one place central.

Do not miss any updates or notifications

With Follow Up Boss you will be able to review the lists of active clients, pending clients and main clients. Identify those who need contact. You will also be able to respond to each of the push notifications, send text messages, take contact notes, and redistribute contacts to others. FolloW Up Boss is a simple and complete platform, with everything in one place.

You’ll get your leads automatically from 200+ sources, smart lists to take the guesswork out of who to call, pre-written drip campaigns and action plans, dedicated onboarding team to make getting started easy, replace your business phone system so that everything works through your CRM, you will be able to automatically route leads to your team, carry out complete synchronization of two-way email with Gmail and Office 365. Each of your agents will feel comfortable and safe with this platform and you you will be able to see your performance, you will be in control, better performance and many more sales.

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