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Every day that passes on the WhatsApp application, 65 billion messages are sent and among them, users also exchange photos. The photo exchange speed is at amazing number and reaches 21 billion photos per month.

Although the specific application is particularly popular for all its free functions, the exchange of photos by professionals in the field and not only, the photographic material that is uploaded to the application exceeds the expectations of the owners, and photos are always sent with high and intact resolution.

How to take everything back from a good photo-shooting on WhatsApp?

If you are passionate about photography and want to be the best photographer, finding more professional solutions for advertising your photography hobby can be greatly helping you, mostly including the solutions on your website could be (for sure) very helpful to you.

If you have a photography company as a professional photographer and you would like your business to find customers through the WhatsApp platform, then continue reading and you will see that everything is successful!

Photography combined with professional 👑 WhatsApp solutions


..the upgraded marketing services of the a website, easily can find tools to combine the sending of images, and videos in a high way.

The creation of a WhatsApp widget strengthens communication relationships with your other photographers or clients. You can share wonderful Pictures that you have clicked and improve your skills by learning new methods, camera tricks, and techniques from group members.

The feature of WhatsApp Bookings, is to coordinate your upcoming collaborations, in a schematic way, and keep them in a calendar. To help you close a photo shoot, professional work, or event that needs a photographer.

The solution to creating a WhatsApp Photo Marketing Survey/ Poll, is so that you don’t waste your energy, find new creative trends, and improve your photo shootings online and video makers to the maximum. Just sending the poll via WhatsApp to numbers that you know their opinion will definitely show you professionally and your happy customers will share their opinion simply.

Assemble all the photographers of your team, within one service, with WhatsApp Team(s). Knowing where everyone is, with whom or whom you will work within the next projects, and being able to coordinate your team more easily since you will have it gathered or explored in different regimes.

The WhatsApp Inbox (API) can give you multiple conversations with different clients and photo agents. You manage only one central WhatsApp phone number and create many conversations with automated messages with your agents and customers. Many users handle this number and it frees your hands in fast service and message automation. Our page provides registration of your number in the WHATSAPP API!

Recommend the WhatsApp Campaigns, which include the services you offer to your friends on WhatsApp, or something new you choose to share with your contacts. An online service, that is extremely helpful for the Marketing of your Photo-business. Your users will automatically receive a message on WhatsApp, instead of endless emails piling up in their inboxes or spam. The WhatsApp Campaigns run directly on WhatsApp inbox. A WhatsApp campaign will be run and all your phone numbers will receive the same message or in some ways modified to make it personalized. Advertising your services is one of the most important tasks you have to do in order to find new customers and let old ones know exactly what you offer!

The most important part is the Payments via WhatsApp, that your paying customers remain satisfied with the services you offer and that they give you their price via WhatsApp.
Αn ordinary conversation between you and one of your customers!
-Customer: “I liked my collection and I would like to transfer the amount of money to you just as easily!”
-You: I am using WhatsApp Payments. I suggest you try it to see how easy it works, also everything is through PayPal or Stripe secure payments, and there is no fear of leaks.

Also if you don’t have your own page, we offer you Landing Pages and WhatsApp Integrations with many other websites, such as Facebook Pixel.

1. Most popular integrations
2. Some new integrations (click and follow the instructions)
3. CMS for the best customer service
4. API(s) and automatically servises.

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