This 2022 WhatsApp business has 3 key moments for sales in 2022

  1. Back to school
  2. Halloween / Black Friday
  3. Christmas

For these 3 key dates you have to prepare your resources and sales channels to attract the maximum number of new customers. On the other hand, you need to be able to give the best attention to your current clients so that you do not lose registrations and that you do not lose clients that you have captured or that may return on these dates.

Back to School 2022 with WhatsApp

The first thing is to review your customer pipeline and check which potential customers really have potential and can generate business. You have to focus the shot on the clients that are going to convert as quickly as possible. Back to school is the time to learn English, lose weight, get fit, improve our health and now we have 4 months to close the maximum number of registrations for our service. Explosive offers, promotions, but above all first class customer service.

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Black Friday 2022 with WhatsApp

Black Friday 2022 is going to be very tense again and between inflation, crisis, and potentially supply problems, not everything is going to be safe in terms of “what can we sell”.

The key is to secure digital products, gift cards and coupons that we can sell without having to wait for the physical product to arrive. Give experiences, tickets, sessions, concerts… it will always be easier than physical products that require transport, logistics, storage…

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Christmas and WhatsApp 2022

For Christmas the most important thing is the same. Ensure the shot, the quality and above all the delivery. Although in the black friday the delivery date of the product is not critical, with christmas the products and services have to arrive on the key date (the 25th, 31st, or the 6th).

For this you have to anticipate and be very clear with customers. It is very important to give a very clear and direct attention to customers and offer clear delivery dates and how far in advance you have to buy / reserve to ensure delivery. In the end, we want to offer a good service and our customers want to ensure the delivery of their purchases.

For all these cases, WhatsApp is the best channel. To attract new clients, to support existing clients and above all to renew and secure our client portfolio.

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