Black & Green Taxi Carvoeiro, Portugal

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Taxis in Lisbon are surprisingly cheap for getting around the city and very comfortable for tired tourists or sleepy night owls.

Lisbon’s taxis are painted in a characteristic black and green design (older ones are cream colored) and can be hailed on the street or at specially marked ranks.

All taxi drivers in Lisbon are registered and it is safe to ride a taxi even late at night. By law all fares are calculated using a meter and it is important that you insist on using the meter as fixed prices are often more expensive than metered journeys.

In Lisbon there are many Uber cars, but the rates are similar to taxis and there are taxi calling/paying/rating apps that work just as well as Uber’s. In this article you will find a guide to taxis in Lisbon, including current rates in 2021, information on taxis and Uber and information on transfers from the airport.

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