The Turkish company Hertz®

The well-known Turkish company Hertz® is on WhatsApp, rent your next exclusive car and visit the beautiful Turkey land and its surroundings.

Α distinct website, easily accessible to internet users and featuring cars, routes, and lined buttons to guide the basic uses of interested rental cars. In Turkey, Hertz offices are Open 24/7


Offices in Istanbul / Turkey

The rental services and offices are located just outside the airport of cosmopolitan Istanbul and are ready to take you by road to your favorite tourist or business locations.

📍Istanbul New Airport 4th Hall,

Istanbul Turkey 🇹🇷

Hertz Turkey is using services

WhatsApp Widget into the official Hertz website

WhatsApp Chatbot / Widget of

Hertz wants to be always available for the clients

The conscientiousness of the corporate giant to understand the importance of direct communication, brought us a happy position to present its official website with the integrated tool, the widget. It offers direct communication with the customer on WhatsApp and you do not get lost with emails or filling out forms and wasting your time looking for an answer. Chat directly with the WhatsApp application with the widget, the customer’s questions are solved and there is comprehensive customer service with an easy-to-use note!

Open widget
closed widget, located on website

🆙 Consider how a global company finds ways to make communication the most important part of a successful sale and do the same ~

WhatsApp Widget, how to get one?

Creating your Widget is really easy. The first thing you need to do, is to go to, and create your account, or log in if you already have an account. 

Go to 👉 🌐 > registration form

Fill in your main data, like email, website, WhatsApp number, your business category, and finally click on (Create your Account).

🪅For additional help, watch the video.

How to create your widget and your first agent


Hertz, one of the most famous companies already uses services tools on the website that make navigating and servicing the user easier. Yours?

Contact us, we are happy to navigate you to our services world!

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