How to get customer reviews and opinions

For a customer to generate other customers, it is very important to get testimonials and opinions. On your website you must be able to have forms or tools that help you capture opinions from your customers. These comments and opinions will help other clients contact you.

This type of growth is called viral growth

Suppose you have a hairdresser and customers who visit you are very happy. If the opinions of these clients are not made public and not shared, they do not serve as a marketing tool to get other clients to buy or hire your services.

That is why it is very important and we recommend that you activate your profile Google My Business. Google and can offer the comment system every time your customer visits your store. This way it is very easy for your clients to leave an opinion.

The viral effect occurs when another client searching on Google Maps finds your business and next to it reviews and opinions of other clients. A highly rated business with many opinions generates more customers than other similar businesses.

For this reason it is very important that you activate your Google my business.

We offer our premium clients this service to make activating your business easier.

Once activated, we will help you use it within your profile and we will help you make those reviews you get more visible through social networks. Here you can see an example of how we apply this technique. The comments that some users send us, we publish them on our social networks. This builds credibility and trust, which are two essential aspects for any business.

Of course everyone Comments are always available on your Google profile, so if a customer wants to see more opinions, they just have to go to your profile and be able to see all of them. And whatever your business, being transparent and clear is essential.

If you want to create a banner ad from a comment, we use the Canva application. It is a free online editor that allows you to generate quality banners.

Create your account with us and we will help you throughout the process.

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