The first step: your goal is to generate traffic

Before getting into the subject of how to attract customers, it is important to understand what your goal is. You may think that your goal is to get customers, and yes … but first there is a prior goal which is to generate traffic. You need to gain an audience, that more people know you, do what is called branding and a little noise.

So, to better define your goal, it is important to determine some parameters. For example, your traffic must be local, or from the area.

Define your ideal client

In the online world this is a trite topic, but offline… not so much. The belief that “anyone who wants to buy me” is still deeply rooted.

Do you really believe it? Do you think everyone is a good customer for you? Think about it for a second … Go over in your mind all the people who have passed by your place in the last weeks … surely they are not all the same.

When defining how to attract customers, it is essential that you define the characteristics of your target customer: age range, habits, interests, objectives, etc.

For example, if you have a micro-gym that offers high-performance workouts aimed at competition people, your ideal client is probably not a 72-year-old woman who has undergone knee surgery and is simply looking to do physical activity to avoid diseases…

That’s what I mean.

Defining your ideal client will determine your actions and strategies, as well as long-term communication. This will mark many decisions of your business model.

How to attract customers throughout their life cycle in your business
This is the path your potential client will travel. This is the process that will convert traffic into a customer, and it will be essential for you to know if you are trying to define how to attract customers for your local business.

I will try to summarize it in a simple way so that you can implement it tomorrow. Go for it!

Post frequently

Keep your social networks updated. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube… all the ones that fit your business!

Try to publish content at least twice a week on the platforms that have the most movement (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). I understand that it may not be so easy for you to create audiovisual content, but I recommend that you do not forget about this format, video is really powerful.

Social networks will help us generate that initial traffic we are looking for. It will be our own content that filters the traffic afterwards and converts the audience into potential customers.

Copy and SEO are your affiliates

When it comes to attracting customers for your business, don’t write to write. Always keep in mind what keywords you use. That is to say: put yourself in your client’s shoes and think about how they would find information about you. In the case of a micro-gym focused on weightlifting, located in Almería, for example, an important keyword would be “weightlifting Almería” or “weightlifting club Almería”, even “gym Almería”, right?

That is SEO, the ability to use the words with which our clients will search for us.

Copy is the art of making words work magic and connect with people, empathize with them and transmit the values ​​and philosophy that your business has. In the end, each company has its own personality, and this is transmitted in all the content that we pour on the Internet.

Information at a click

If you want to attract customers, you must put the information on a tray. If the publications have caught the attention of your target client and the copy has captivated their interest, in the era of turbo temporality and in which fashions last 2 hours, you need to put everything on a platter for your client, don’t take things for granted , do not wait to be asked … offers all the information at the distance of a click.

Create a simple landing page where the customer can see your most relevant information (rates, hours, how to get there) and make everything easy. That’s the word: easy. Do not put websites overloaded with images, with videos that start alone, music and a lot of ornaments … Keep it simple.

What’s more, you don’t need to get too complicated. Nowadays you have free tools like that generate this page for you and you can share it directly in the URL of your bio on social networks.

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