Zoho Desk – Expert with whatsapp api

To be serious please make sure you represent well for this project not just send the cover later of your resume and be specific and detailed to the topics.

I am looking for an expert in Zoho and setting up workflows and who is very familiar with Twilio and WhatsApp API, must have done that before and provide log used before to solve the problem that larger teams may occur

I am looking for a short term quick setup and if the candidate is right we will be happy to share work on weekly basis when it comes to our workflow automation and improvements

We a re a big travel agency and looking to improve workflow especially marketing and sales.

Bot for WhatsApp Message with Opensea flor price

I need a bot that sends me the current floor price from desired collections of opensea every 3 hours as a message via WhatsApp.

Here is a sample collection https://opensea.io/collection/tropical-turtles

WhatsApp API

Get us an approved WhatsApp API number and answer my questions about can customer send a voice note when our account is with WhatsApp API?

CRM integration WhatsApp API

We are FunnelMaker.com and we would like to integrate WhatsApp to funnelmaker – we want all whatsapp communication integrated into the client record (inbound and out) as well as show a realtime whatsapp communicaton portal to chat while working.

We’ll want it to function from their whatsapp account to funnelmaker account and visa versa.  Ask any questions you want i’ll be glad to answer.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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