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Reminder WhatsApp template

In the work place, a lot of things are happening during the week, and sometimes, you and your colleagues can get so busy, that even some quite important things can easily be forgotten in all the stress and rush.

Even the most experienced people at the company can forget things once in a while, it is actually pretty normal, but obviously, it is also something you want to avoid at all costs. ⛔️

Reasons for feeling the need to send reminder WhatsApp:

So how do you make sure to that this happens as rarely as possible? Well first of all, it is all about being helpful.

If you know one of your coworkers have something important coming up, and they are a bit busy, don’t be afraid to send them a reminder WhatsApp, just to remind them of what they have coming up.

This could help them out significantly. 👏

Here is a template of a reminder email you can send to a busy coworker, which you can use or get inspiration from! 👇

“Hi (NAME)

I have noticed that you have been quite busy lately, so i just wanted to remind you, that you have (EVENT) coming up on (DATE), just in case your focus has been elsewhere lately. If you need any help with preparing or anything, then don’t hesitate contacting me, and i will see what i can do to help!

Best of luck!

Benefits of using WhatsApp

The benefits of using WhatsApp for these kind of messages is, that WhatsApp typically are a more casual and personal way of communicating with people.

Also, most of us have a WhatsApp dedicated to our work, which allows us to keep our work WhatsApp and our personal ones separated, so they don’t get mixed up, or we don’t have to be reminded of work in the weekends, holidays or after work hours! 😎

Always remember this when dealing with emails to customers or colleagues:


With WhatsApp, you can get these read notifications, so you can follow the conversation closely, and see if your mails are reaching the desired destination!

This allows you to:

And much more! 🔥

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