There are many great tools that you can unlock, with a premium account at, and the Stripe integration is definitely one of the greatest and coolest ones yet! Allow us to present the Stripe integration to you and explain, just why this is such a great tool, that you need to get as a part of your customer management!

What is Stripe integration?

To make it short, Stripe integration is a way for you to collect payments from your customers, without them having to go to your website, and find the specific product or service. With the unlimited payment links you can make with Stripe, you can simply sent a link to the page, where your customers can finalize the payment, so they don’t have to go anywhere to make the payment! 😍

This allows your customers to complete payments, no matter where they find you, or get in contact with you. They can complete payments even if they are on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp or even something else. All they need is for you to sent them the right link, and they can complete the payment then and there! 💳

1. Your customers can pay anywhere 💰

As mentioned, a Stripe integration allows your customers to complete their payments, no matter what platform they are on. This means, that if they notice your products or services on Instagram, they can pay on that channel, if they simply have the payment link!

The same is of course the case for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp and all your other social media or communication platforms.

This form of payment is by far the easiest, most comfortable and fastest way for your customers to pay, and it is completely safe!

Here is how you set up your Stripe integration! 👇

Stripe integration!

2. Design your landing page as you like 🖌

Stripe landing page!

This is an example of a typical landing page for your Stripe integration, and this is what your customer sees, when they press your payment link. As you can see, there is also a QR code, if that is more convenient for your customers.

The great thing here, is that you have full control and decides what requirements you set for your customers doing the payment. Obviously you need their credit information, but besides that, there are some things you can change about this, such as:

  • Make name a requirement ✅
  • Make E-mail address a requirement ✅
  • Make Phone number a requirement ✅
  • Make Address a requirement ✅
  • Change the description at the top ✅
  • Personalize the link ✅
  • And more! 🔥

The way you do this is quite simple.

  • Login at 🌐
  • Go to payments 💲
  • Press “edit”, or “create new” ✏️
Edit your payment link!

If you followed the instructions, you will get to a page, that will look something like this. Here you can make all the changes, and personalize your payment link!

3. You can make as many as you want! 🆕

Why only make one payment link, when you can make one for all your products or service, or make special payment links for certain occasions.

Halloween, black friday and christmas is right around the corner, and maybe your company are making some special sales events, or maybe even launching new products for the holidays.

You can easily make new payment links for occasions like these, by simply changing the information in your existing links, or even better, make completely new ones.

Why bother changing your existing payment links back and forward, when you can just as fast make completely new ones, with no limit to how many you can make! 😎

That way, you can be totally prepared for the holidays, and all the shopping it brings! 👏

Here is how Stripe works! 👇

How Stripe integration works!
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