What is Prestashop

PrestaShop is an eCommerce software that allows you to easily create your online store. It lets you develop your business activity to generate maximum sales. You’ll be able to easily sell your products online from your website. Take advantage of features and modules with our eCommerce platform.

New website using WhatsApp Widget in Spain


New website using Prestashop and WhatsApp Widget


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More goodies for our users and 360Dialog users. Official  @PrestaShop Official  Module for WhatsApp API.

PrestaShop WhatsApp Module for order Notification with WhatsApp

What status has an order in Prestashop

Prestashop has the following pre-defined states: 

  • New, Pending Payment, Processing, Complete, Closed, Canceled, On Hold, Payment Review.

You can use WhatsApp API to send a notification to your customer using WhatsApp.

To do that you need to:

  1. Create your WhatsApp API account. Go to Tochat.be for that.
  2. Configure your WhatsApp API account.
  3. Use our code and configure your system to use it.

Use the WhatsApp API for order notifications in Prestashop

WhatsApp has rolled out its Business API to the brands & shop owners to scale their customer service by offering some messaging tools and insights. In this digital era, where single beep on the smartphone is enough to grab the attention of anyone, It’s time to automate PRESTASHOP store notifications for serving personalized and remarkable store experience that your customers never forget. And specially for abandoned shopping carts. Imagine recovering every Shopping Cart with a WhatsApp to your customer. That is really something amazing.

Social media has become one of the most crucial tools for e-commerce marketing and WhatsApp becomes a favourite messaging app. Apart from one to one communication channels, it brings the golden opportunity for the store owners to engage with their customers.

Notifications directly to your customers. Once you have configured the extension properly, it will automatically send different order status notifications to the respective customers without any human efforts. Sending these types of notifications is not only effective but also brings a higher reading rate at a lower price compared to SMS & Email. 

Use WhatsApp Business + Send Order Notifications From WhatsApp NumberWe believe that your availability on WhatsApp Business is a must to resolve your customer queries & assist them in real-time.

So, we provide an option through which you can continue using your WhatsApp Business and send WhatsApp Notifications from the same WhatsApp Business number. If you want to send WhatsApp Notification from your WhatsApp number, you have to register your WhatsApp number with WhatsApp Oficial API which costs you 200$ per year.

We offer an easy setup so you can use everything from one account.

Send notifications base on the order status of your client.

  • WhatsApp Template for New Customer
  • WhatsApp Template Processing Order
  • WhatsApp Template Canceled Order
  • WhatsApp Template Completed Order

Recover Abandoned Cart

  • You can define the time to send the message once the cart is not active.

WhatsApp WidgetYou can add our amazing WhatsApp Widget to give support to your customers.

Benefits of using WhatsApp as a notification Channel

  • Its use is completely free.
  • Send a message instantly anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to use, even a novice user can use it.
  • Everyone recognizes WhatsApp as a communication channel.

Installation of WhatsApp Module for PrestaShop

How to install module
1. By Module Manager

  • Download the files from git repo
  • Rename Download zip file to tochat_whatsapp.zip
  • Go to Shop Backend > Modules > Module Manger
  • Top Right Corner, you see Upload a module. Click here and select your file
  • The module will be installed on your shop.

2. By FTP

  • Connect to server using FTP client.
  • Switch to Directory modules in prestashop root directory
  • Create a directory with name “tochat_whatsapp”
  • Upload all the files which downloaded from repo inside “tochat_whatsapp”
  • Go to Shop Backend > Modules > Module Catalog * here you see the module Tochat Whatsapp
  • Click Install.

Module Configuration

Admin > Modules > Module Manager > Find module Tochat Whatsapp > Configure

Access the code for this plugin

Video with demo for PrestaShop order notifications

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