Whatsapp not only came to streamline the selection processes through digital tools, it also allowed candidates and recruiters to get in touch instantly. Hunting talent and looking for work on WhatsApp are practices that have become a trend that will mark the HR of the 21st century.

Why does recruiting through WhatsApp have most of the virtues in the new era? Simple, a large number of people have the app (social media advantage), it can be easily managed through databases (contact automation) and candidates do not need a desktop computer to manage their process (mobile recruitment).

This model benefits several sectors with a smartphone. For millennials (and younger), WhatsApp has gained ground against conventional messaging systems (email). At the other extreme, it is an easy way to recruit operational, quartermaster, or occupational personnel; for whom an email could represent some handling “difficulties”.

How whatsapp help recruiters and candidates to get in touch easily

The ways of using WhatsApp for recruitment are varied.

As a Candidate:

  • You have first to create your whatsapp link (chatwith.io), then you embed this link in your contact info you have in social media network especially in professional platforms like linkedIn, So recruiters can reach you out easily only by clicking this magic link.
  •  Embed this link in your CV, whatever it is online CV or a standard file. So once the recruiter click on this link, he/she can contact you directly to start a conversation with you and take the first step in the recruitment process.
  • Embed this link in whatsApp employment groups. There are a lot of whatsApp groups which help you in finding new opportunities, you can write your message in these groups and mention what are you searching for, and leave your whatsapp link at the end of the message. Normally there are hundreds of people in these groups so your message will be seen by massive numbers of users, which lead people who are interested in your message or profile to contact you immediately via this link.

As a Recruiter: 

  • You have first to create a whatsapp link (chatwith.io) to accompany your ad published on a social media network or job board. By clicking on this link, candidates are directed immediately to your mobile app or WhatsApp Web to request more information about the vacancy; links make it easy to contact recruiters without the need for “contact” records.
  • If you have a portfolio of candidates, it is possible to send announcements from WhatsApp broadcast lists (which allow up to 256 contacts per post). With this method it is possible to automate free message deliveries and ensures direct interaction with candidates (who no longer have to constantly check their email).

In conclusion, it is important to complement the entire recruitment process with some form of chat. Immediate communication with candidates is a best practice that should be developed in any HR department.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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