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Today we share with you the case of a company that does Nails services and that wants to add the link to WhatsApp. When the client visits your Facebook profile, they can find all the options that Facebook allows, such as the link to WhatsApp, the phone, your web page and more buttons that are available in your profile, but the reality is that users do so. that consume in most cases is the list of news or updates.

Therefore we have to be very clear that what is important is the content that we put in our update.

It is of little use that our profile has many buttons when what the user is going to see and from where he wants to interact is the update. Therefore when we make a news item, we highlight a product, we highlight an update, in that content is where we must put all the links that we want the user to be able to use.

This is where the most useful is to put our link to WhatsApp.

In the case of nails, the most logical thing is that if I see that information and the product interests me, I want the service, I want an appointment, we offer the user a direct link to contact us via WhatsApp.

If you prefer that the user make a reservation you can also do it.

If you prefer the form format you can also do it. All these options are available from your Chatwith account.

Now let’s see step by step how each of them is configured.

The first thing is to create your account, which is as easy as putting a phone number and a message. This is your first personalized link. Now we can add the profile information an image, the name of our company and the category. The following is to protect our account add an e-mail and a password.

Our form tab is now available and now we can add the form to our Landing Page. It is very easy, you just have to indicate which days and hours you are available.

There are a series of fields that we want to explain to you how it works so that you get the most out of your page. The URL field allows you to customize your link, which is thought to be very relevant for the ceo, so that your page is well positioned. Add keywords so customers can easily find you.

In this example we would put manicure, Mexico, WhatsApp.

In the title you can put the same but in a simpler way so that it can be read easily.

Now we can indicate where the business is located and a description of the services we offer.

You already have an incredible page, with a form to get reservations and previous appointments and that will also get traffic.

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