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Do you think WhatsApp is only good for chatting with friends? not really. A restaurant can take advantage of this valuable tool if it knows how to implement it. The easier it is to contact a restaurant, the easier it is for a customer to choose their dishes. WhatsApp represents a huge opportunity for a restaurant to increase its sales, retain customers and increase its income through frequent customers.

The application is designed to communicate with friends, when a restaurant enables WhatsApp as a means of communication, it is entering a private circle made up of its customers’ friends. Build customer loyalty with WhatsApp and improve restaurant income. What do WhatsApp users commonly do when they open the application?

Let’s do an analysis of the most common activity of a user when he enters and “checks” his WhatsApp. These are the most common activities that are generally performed within the application:

  • View messages from your friends.
  • Read again the messages of the girl or the boy they like.
  • See your friends online.
  • See if the pretty girl is connected or the pretty boy.
  • Add new contacts.
  • Among other.

Connected friends with WhatsApp

If your restaurant has WhatsApp and the account remains connected, you will be increasing the chances that your contacts will buy. Because by seeing “your restaurant” connected, you will be taking advantage of the craving effect that all human beings can feel at some point.

Tips for using WhatsApp in your restaurant to increase sales

– Buy a basic phone (to be cheap) with Android (to be able to install WhatsApp) so that it can be used exclusively to serve the restaurant’s WhatsApp.

– Don’t even think about using your personal phone, you will feel an invasion of your privacy and it will cause you stress because your contact list will become a list of friends + clients.

– Appoint a person in charge to be in charge of keeping the account connected at all times that the restaurant is providing service.

– Use a photo that captivates your customers, a photo that makes them want to eat one of your delicious dishes. If you ask a salesperson, they will recommend that you use photos of dishes and if you ask a branding expert, they will tell you that the logo. Using the logo is a good practice, but finally you should use what works best based on the experience you have as time goes on. That depends on many factors: the very culture of the country where you are, the “average” way of thinking of your contacts, and so on. It is a very variable matter and that is why I recommend you decide based on experience.

– Don’t even think about writing to your connected contacts, wait for them to contact you. Otherwise you will be invading their privacy and they will end up deleting your restaurant from their contacts.

– Make sure that the person responsible for the account and the telephone responds as soon as possible. Sense of urgency must be a priority for this strategy to work.

– Advertise that your restaurant has WhatsApp, it is important that customers know it. Communicate it on Facebook, on Twitter, in advertisements in other media, use the WhatsApp logo and post the phone number on the restaurant’s website.

With these tips, you can now start using WhatsApp in your restaurant. I assure you that you will see excellent results and the restaurant sales will grow.

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