How to create your WhatsApp link auto chat

If you want to create your own WhatsApp link you should head to our website , generating the link itself is very easy. You just have to:

  1. Go to
  2. Type your phone number WITH your country code at the beginning
  3. Fill in the optional welcome(by default) message
  4. Share it!

How a WhatsApp link auto chat works

This link can be added to your  website as a link that will open a WhatsApp conversation with you, by solely one click. If you have Instagram or Facebook account/page you can insert it into your bio in order to simplify the communication with your clients. This solution has been proven to attract more clients, it greatly improves the quality of support service delivered as well as drives sales. You can customize the link according to your needs, there is a possibility to generate a customized link with your name.

Translate your WhatsApp link auto chat 🈲

You can add as many links as you want for each language you support in your website.

  • Open Link to WhatsApp
  • Abrir WhatsApp
  • Hablamos en WhatsApp
  • Otwórz link do WhatsAppa
  • Hadi WhatsApp üzerinden konuşalım
  • давай поговорим о WhatsApp
  • Parlons sur WhatsApp
  • la oss snakke på WhatsApp
  • pojďme si promluvit o WhatsApp
  • Lass uns über WhatsApp sprechen
  • etc…

Stats for your WhatsApp link auto chat

We give you stats about your link usage. That way you can manage your links. You can easily track how many people are actually clicking the link, compare one site to the other, compare traffic and engagement at different social media accounts as well as compare a previous month to the current one so you know if the interest with your company/product is growing or diminishing. In order to check the statistics you just have to log in to your FREE account at and all the data is easily available there.

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