We talked in various occasions that small/medium companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers and simply social media users get many advantages of connecting their WhatsApp to their social networks. They easily create their WhatsApp link with our free tool and copy this link on their Instagram bio, Facebook profile, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube channel/videos or simply on their posts that call to action. That way their visitors on different platforms contacts them from a single central channel which makes it easier to manage all inquiries and answer them in real time.

There are many businesses that are present in different social media platforms, increasing their engagement with users through WhatsApp, while some prefer to focus on a single network and improve it. We believe that seeing some successful examples of WhatsApp links used on social media accounts would give you an idea of how easy but effective it is.

Not showing your WhatsApp link directly on your profiles (bio) but sharing it on your individual posts may also be a useful strategy if you prefer to attend from different numbers or with different agents to users interested in different services/promotions/discounts you post about.

  • WhatsApp Link on Twitter

Locura Hípica (Locur@Hipic@) is a betting club for american and venezuelan horse races. On Twitter it has 14.500 followers on and it is dedicated to post tweets about authorized bets. While tweeting, they’re always sharing their WhatsApp link for the users that are interested and want to contact.

  • WhatsApp Link on Facebook

NIA Beauty Academy is a Korean based international school that provides professional beauty courses and services. Their Facebook account has 22.500 followers and they post about their services, testimonials and promotions. On the posts where they promote their courses or services, they add their WhatsApp link created with ChatWith and the users that want to hire those services iniciate a direct conversation through that link.

  • WhatsApp Link on Instagram

Bio Beauty Lab is an online shop selling cosmetical products on their e-commerce page and Instagram profile where they have 232.000 followers. Since on Instagram there’s no direct payment option, they chose to add the link of their online shop and WhatsApp account to solve doubts and finalize the the buying process of the user. As we already, it is not possible to share 2 different link on Instagram bio so they used Linktree to be able to add the both links.

If you want to add your WhatsApp link on your social media profiles or posts, create your short short link now and check out our tutorials and articles to learn how to do it. Contact us if you have questions!

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By Buket Yoldas

Buket Yoldaş, Marketing & Sales Director of tochat.be Turkey If you are willing to offer your clients a faster and more interactive communication via WhatsApp in your website, or create/update your web page, we are here to help you. Contact us✏️ "https://chatwith.io/s/5f3125250fb4a"