Instagram link sent by WhatsApp not working?

If your link is not working, you need to check your phone number.

Be sure to add your country code. Your WhatsApp number must be like this: 34627524218

Just numbers, no sings, no – dash line, no ()… just numbers.

add your number to WhatsApp link

Whats the url for WhatsApp?

Your WhatsApp URL will be like:

This link can be shared everywhere. Social Media, Instagram, Youtube, Websites.

How to add facebook pixel to

We are working on this feature.

How to create a WhatsApp link?

Go to our website. and create your account. To create your account you need just your phone number. You can create an unlimited number of WhatsApp Widgets. You can edit your WhatsApp links and you can delete links that you do not need any more. You can review your stats for all your links. That way you can create links for campaigns and test your links.

How to link WhatsApp from instagram?

  1. You need to create your link to WhatsApp
  2. Go to your Bio in Instagram.
  3. Add your link to WhatsApp in the “Website” field.

WhatsApp chat html code?

If you want to add WhatsApp to your HTML website, you can use our WhatsApp Widget. More information here.

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