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83% of millennials open WhatsApp messages within 30 seconds of receiving them, according to an OpenMarket study.

With ChatWith you have the software to generate revenue through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp marketing is a huge opportunity for companies. Statista reports that nearly half (44%+) of the world’s population owns a smartphone and WhatsApp owns  billion users.

“Why can’t we WhatsApp with small businesses through WhatsApp the same way we text our friends?” And it’s a valid question, given that we all carry our phones everywhere and open funny GIFs from friends pretty much instantly.

Let the facts talk, engagement stats compared to email are mind-blowing, Sama reports, “Email open rate is 15% where WhatsApp is 98%. Email response rate is 6% where WhatsApp is 46%.”

We all use our phones to text friends daily. It’s familiar and personal. Companies like ChatWith are making it easy for companies to text customers like you would your friends, and are seeing pretty interesting engagement rates.

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