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Do you need a Website to sell your Tattoo Services?

This is an option you need to consider.

Is it better to have an Instagram Account or is it better to have a Website or both?

Instagram is an excellent option and probably is good enough for 90% of the tattoo artists out there.

What do you need to add to your Instagram profile?

  • Location. Where are you. Be specific.
  • Services. What do you do. How do you do it.
  • Pricing. Be transparent.
  • References and client comments.
  • Link to your WhatsApp Number.

Add your link to WhatsApp to your website

You can have a website and promote your WhatsApp number, but it is better to have a link to WhatsApp

In this website: Website.

You can have this link to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Tattoos Photo

Link to WhatsApp

How to add user reviews in your Instagram profile or website

It is very important to have user reviews in your instagram profile or website. Users are going to trust your service only if you have very good reviews and comments from customers.

This is what we do with our service. Customers can leave a review in our Google My Business (Link To WhatsApp) and we capture those reviews and create an image. It is very important to have happy customers and reviews.

Should you publish your pricing?

Pricing is always complicated and delicate. If you prefer to disclose pricing on the WhatsApp chat, say so. Tell your customers you can prepare a budget base on the design. If you charge by the hour, explain that to your customers.

Most new customers will not know how much is a tattoo. Maybe you can add some pricing samples. Like small tattoo is just $100.

Add a map to your WhatsApp Business profile

When users browse your business profile it is very important to display your physical location.

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