You can add your WhatsApp link to your Google My Business. Create your link to WhatsApp and put it in your profile.

What Google My Business is?

Google My Business is a very usefull tool that will help you manage and optimize your business profile on Google. What is the google business profile, you may ask. It’s the google listing that appears in Google search results as well as Google Maps. Google My Business is also an amazing free tool to engage with your customers. This free profile that you can create with Google will help you increase your visibility in Google Maps and Google Search. In order to engage with your customers you respond to reviews, answer questions, enable direct messaging, you can do all of that directly from your Google My Business Dashboard. The Dashboard also offers key insights on your customers and local search performance. Moreover in order to optimize your business profile and make your company standout you can use keywords, this way Google’s algorithm will position your Profile higher.

We are reffering to exactly this:



To make your Google My Business profile more accesible for your customers, you can add a WhatsApp link.

💡You can also read this article in Turkish > Google My Business (Benim Isletmem) hesabiniza WhatsApp ekleme


This link will help you connect with your customers using the best channel to talk and interact with your customers.

How to add WhatsApp Link to your Google My Business Profile

Where you can add a link to WhatsApp in your Google My Business profile

How will WhatsApp Link benefit your business?

WhatsApp link is a FREE tool that redirects the user to a WhatsApp conversation with you just by one-click. This is very convinient, the potential customer doesn’t have to search for the number or add it to his contact list, he can just simply click and chat with you, ask about anything, clear the concerns. This is a great way to increase customer satisfaction by providing high quality support. In order to save time and be more efficient, you can predetermine some answers for common questions if you have WhatsApp Business account, using our link you can determine and automatic greeting message.

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